Lifted Trucks


  • Tuscany is owned by Wayne Davis Automotive for the past 30 years. They are a premier builder of custom trucks out of a 27-acre facility in Fort Worth, Texas. The only SVM partnered with Mercedes in North America.
  • All of our trucks are military-themed and with a truck purchase, we donate $500.00 to the Lone Survivor Program. We care tremendously for our veterans.
  • Wayne Davis believes in only using the best quality parts and pieces. We only buy parts that are made in the U.S.A.
  • Built on an SLE Bucket Chassis with a 6 inch Stage 2 Pro Comp Lift. Pro Comp is the best lift in the country. They proved themselves to be most viable with their million-dollar roll-over test to General Motors.


Furthermore provides a smooth, comfortable ride, while responding to a multitude of driving conditions. Pro Comp Stage II suspension lift kits help you to get the right height, clearance, and attitude on your truck and maintain that “factory” ride quality while improving handling. Pro Comp suspensions use world-class manufacturing processes and stringent quality control measures to deliver only the best possible products to their customers. This results in performance and reliability, no matter what obstacles are in your path. Big-ticket items such as cast and CNC-machined knuckles and laser-cut, CNC-formed, robotically welded cross members are the foundation for many of these suspension kits, but little details such as brake line extensions, longer bump stops, and sway bar drop brackets are always included to provide the most complete suspension systems on the market. These details distinguish Pro Comp from their competitors and are critical for proper steering geometry and suspension performance. Detailed step-by-step illustrated instructions are included with every suspension kit to
make installation as straightforward as possible.

Pro Comp engineers use the latest scanning equipment and computer-aided design (CAD/CAM) technology to ensure that every component is able to withstand the forces it is expected to be subjected to in real-world off-road applications. These models are then brought to life through cutting-edge manufacturing processes, innovative fabrication and assembly techniques, and the best materials available.

Skilled engineers, who are also enthusiasts, design Pro Comp suspensions to maximize ground clearance, improve suspension articulation, and ride quality while maintaining OE standards for product quality, occupant safety and comfort. Thousands of hours of testing and refinement go into each product to ensure that it is optimized for use on the street and the trail with a design emphasis on ensuring total end-user satisfaction. Pro Comp gives a lifetime warranty unlike its competitors, they are so confident in their engineers and product as we are here at Tuscany Sport Trucks. 20 inch PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Black wheels that we own the mold, spec and manufacturing on a hub-centric wheel not a lug centric.


It is a time-tested proven technology that has been used for decades in other industries and is now available for automotive wheels. This state-of-the-art process provides a superior alternative to traditional chrome plating. Chrome plating is well known for the many problems it has with the pitting and peeling of the chrome surface. A PVD coated wheel virtually eliminates these problems. We guarantee the coating for 5 full years or 100,000. *OEM approved.




Hub-centric design supports and centers the wheel better, resists
impact loads from being used on typical roads. Where other Vendors
will use lug-centric designs which are less costly and not good for
the overall longevity of the frame and truck. It should be noted that
hub-centric and lug-centric wheels are distinct designs with different
stress levels at different locations. Substituting a lug-centric wheel in
place of a hub-centric wheel can decrease reliability, especially in
high wheel-loading and impact-loading environments.

A problem arises when using a lug-centric wheel on a vehicle and
suspension that was originally a hub-centric design. Without the
hub’s support, road impacts can deform lugs enough to where the
wheel is no longer concentric with the hub, leading to vibrations. This
can reduce the clamping force of the wheel to the hub. Road loading
conditions can then move the wheel around on the hub, as can be
seen by the worn holes in the image below of a lug-centric wheel used
on a hub-centric vehicle.




The Recon has 35” BFG KO2 All Terrain Tires. Wayne Davis is the
largest distributor of Goodrich tires. They are not loud like a mud tire.
This type of tire is also great due to the fact if the buyer gets a flat
anywhere in the country, will easily be replaced. Tires like Mickey
Thompson typically are not in stock everywhere and the consumer
may wait up to two weeks to be replaced. is an On-/Off-Road All-
Terrain light truck tire developed to meet the needs of jeep, pickup
truck and sport utility vehicle drivers who want confidence and
control on- and off-road. The All-Terrain KO2 was designed to deliver
go-anywhere traction along with outstanding durability, great wear
and year-round traction, even in snow. All-Terrain KO2 tires feature a
racing derived cut-, chip- and tear-resistant tread compound that
delivers longer life (up to 2 times the previous generation tire’s treadwear
on gravel roads). The compound is molded into an aggressive,
computer-optimized, high-void all-terrain pattern with interlocking
tread blocks and multiple loose object ejection features to combine
off-road durability and traction with on-road handling and acceptable
noise. Upper shoulder Sidewall Armor features a tougher sidewall
rubber compound that’s twice as thick as its predecessor and a
Serrated Shoulder Design that delivers additional traction by
providing the clawing action necessary to develop traction and
steering control in deep dirt, sand, or on rock during “aired down” offroad
driving. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts
reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon on top of BFGoodrich’s Tri-
Gard, 3-ply polyester cord sidewall ply construction (2 plies for Load
Range C tires) for strength and durability. Single strand beads (
a single strand of bead wire is continuously wrapped multiple times
until the desired strength is provided) enhance the tire’s fit to the
wheel to improve uniformity and ride quality.


Not only aesthetically pops on the truck and is different is also keep rocks from getting into the brakes and rotors.


Another great part, different from anything on the market. This is exclusive to Tuscany, we own the mold and manufacturing. This was a product of the million-dollar roll-over test mentioned above. When you put larger tires on a truck like this, when the customer is in 4 wheel drive or stuck in the mud too much torque prevents the driveshaft from failing. It is also an anti-roll bar.


If you’ve installed tires that are larger or smaller than original equipment tires, or if you have installed a ring and pinion gear set with a different rear gear ratio, the Speedometer Calibrator allows you to re-program for correct speedometer and odometer readings, as well as correct part-throttle shifting. The vehicle’s computer calculates your vehicle’s speed based on the diameter of the stock tires. If you’ve installed taller or shorter tires, or changed the rear gear ratio, the vehicle’s computer doesn’t know how fast your vehicle is going. As a result, the automatic transmission may not shift correctly and the speedometer readings will not be accurate.



We use 3M tape behind our flares same as they use for wings on a plane. We bolt from behind, not to mention our bolts are black powder-coated stainless steel. They will not rust. We are the only ones in the market doing this.




This is a real Active Air Hood Scoop, no sensors. Air goes through the hood scoop into the engine. Hood scoop is custom and is air chiseled into hood. Advisable, to pop hood open to show buyer the precise finish.



A solid powder coated custom grill, will not rust. And not a $100.00 overlay. Bow Ties and Badging A 3-6 hour process, each GMC emblem is scrubbed down and painted 3 times matching OEM color.



Who wants a 2-step when you can have a 3 step? Easy access into back bed from side of truck.



Mirror caps, handles, window trim and bolts and Recon Tactical Graphic also custom to Tuscany.




This is our custom one piece leather. This is not catskin. This is the same leather used in Ferrari will not fade, gives a quality finish that Tuscany is known for.



Fit and Finish like no other and nobody does it like us. Cut to perfectly tuck the dual exhaust into the back of bumper. *We mirror factory warranty 3year/36,000 mile 5 year/60,000 power train


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